Congratulations Class of 2014!


District 99 Special Needs Meeting

You are invited to attend a meeting to be conducted by Cicero District 99:

Date: Tuesday, June 3
Time: 9:30AM
Location: St Frances of Rome Extended Day Room

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss how students with disabilities who attend private schools or who are home-schooled within the district will be served by Cicero District 99 during the 2014-2015 School Year.

In accordance with the requirements of the Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (“IDEA 2004”), public school districts are required to spend a portion of their Federal Part B special education funds in order to provide identified students with disabilities who attend private schools with the opportunity to equitably participate in special education services offered by our district. As part of that process, we must conduct a public meeting in order to discuss our plans to fulfill that responsibility for the upcoming school year. In addition, we wish to hear your feedback and views in order to ensure that your voices are heard during this process. Finally, we wish to also share information about how students with suspected disabilities can access the process offered by our district to screen and evaluate those suspected disabling conditions.

Your participation in this process is extremely valuable to us. We therefore hope you will attend. If you have any questions or concerns pertaining in advance of the meeting, please do not hesitate to contact Karen Cannon-Janettas, Director of Special Education, at (708) 863-4856.

We look forward to meeting with you soon.

Karen Cannon-Janettas
Director of Special Education

Working with Dominican University


The 6th graders have been working with students from Dominican University on a social studies project this month. 6th graders enjoyed learning about the Ancient Aztec, Inca, and Maya civilizations. The Dominican students guided the students through a research project which included making inferences, using evidence to support the inferences, and drawing a conclusion from the information.

The 6th graders are also using this knowledge in a collaborative project with Mrs. Barth in computer class, in which they are creating travel brochures for the different civilizations.

Illinois Fatherhood Initiative

Eight of our students, Alvaro M., Celina T., Janelle O., Gabriela R., Ailani A., Taj S., Rodrigo G. and Natalia I. were essay finalists for the Fatherhood Initiative. They are invited to attend a celebration on Saturday, May 31st at the US Cellular Field. Congratulations!